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Sheepskin rugs

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The ethically produced, mulesing-free and water washable sheepskin rugs come from New Zealand. In addition to baby care rugs we also carry a line of decorative and stroller rugs in various colors.


Ruskovilla's sheepskin Stroller rug

Stroller rug

119.00 €

1. Select colour

2.Select size

Colour: black

Colour: grey

3. Amount

Ruskovilla's Infant care sheepskin rug

Infant care sheepskin rug

99.50 €

1. Select colour

2.Select size

Colour: natural brown

Colour: off-white

Colour: honey

3. Amount

Ruskovilla's sheepskin rug Sexto

Sheepskin Rug: Sexto

695.00 €

1. Colour: off-white

2. Select size

3. Amount

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