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Ruskovilla's Metsä undershirt and tube scarf for children include Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extracts

Ruskovilla Metsä products

Studies show that exposure to rich biodiversity is connected to lower levels of autoimmune diseases such as allergy, asthma and type 1 diabetes. Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract contains microbial diversity from natural environments such as forests (metsä in Finnish).

As the first company in the world Ruskovilla has managed to to add Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract to its clothes and accessories. For children we make undershirts and tube scarfs out of organic silk wool.

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Ruskovilla's Children's Wool fleece products

Wool fleece

Organic merino wool fleece is a naturally hydrophilic and microplastic-free alternative to synthetic fleece. It's naturally fire-resistant and keeps you warm even when moist. Our warmest clothes and accessories are soft enough to wear againts you skin.

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Ruskovilla's Children's Merino wool products

Merino wool

Our mulesing-free certified organice merino wool is up to seven times finer than the wool from Finnish sheep and therefore also works well as an underwear material. It's naturally fire-resistant and kees you warm even when moist.

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Ruskovilla's Children's organic Silk products


Our manually grafted organic silk is the world's most luxurious underwear material. It feels cool when it's hot and keeps you warm when its cold. Due to its smooth texture organic silk is a suitable material for anyone with allergies and sensitive skin.

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Ruskovilla's Children's organic Silk wool products

Silk wool

Our certified organic silk wool combines the best of two amazing organic fibers: 30% of silk's smoothness and 70% of wool's warmth. The end result is a breathable, thin and elastic underwear material for daily use.

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