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We use the excess organic merino wool swatches from our clothing production as duvet filling. We also offer a selection of hemp and linen duvets.

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We use the excess organic merino wool swatches from our clothing production as pillow filling. Our shape-adjusting husk millet pillow is a favorite to those with neck issues.

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Mattress overlays

Our fluffy mattress overlays are filled with organic merino wool and available in many different sizes.

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Wash and care

Correct wash and care routines are part of product's ecology. From your selection you can find washing liquids and conditioners that enlongate the lifespan of your products. In addition we have non-toxic moth repellents.

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The ethically produced, mulesing-free and water washable sheepskin rugs come from New Zealand. In addition to baby care rugs we also carry a line of decorative and stroller rugs in various colors.

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Our soft, warm and luxurious wool yoga mat is especially designed for a yin type of yoga practice and streching.

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Knitting yarns and wadding

Our handcart selection includes knitting yarn, flocky yarn and wool wadding.

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Backpacks made of organic cotton canvas with separate pockets for laptop and water bottle. Wide selection on colors. Ethically made in India.

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