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Silk duvet

Silk duvet

59.50 €

Silk duvet for babies.

Filling silk (215g/m2) and cover cotton. Comes from our partner in Austria in a plastic tote bag.

Manually produced silk is the most luxurious natural fiber. Pure silk keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Cool summer duvet.

This product is only shipped within European Union.

Colour: off-white

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Regular soft brushing and airing for care

For dust mite eviction: one hour in a 60 Celsius degree sauna or 24 hours in -20 Celsius degrees

Chemical wash only: water washing can clump the silk

We recommend the Sonett gall soap for stain removal

Rub the gall soap on any stains, leave it be for a moment and then carefully rinse under running water

Cover: tightly knitted cotton, filling: silk wadding

At the end of their lifecycle 100% wool and 100% silk return back to nature

The product is made by our trusted partner in Austria

The products are stored and shipped from Artjärvi Finland

We have wool mattress covers and silk duvets in our bed. We are happy Ruskovilla super fans. Thank you!

-Riikka, Finland

I purhased Ruskovilla's silk duvet as a baptisim present to our first grandson. With this present I hope that he gets to grow and develop into his own unique person surrounded by love and protection from this duvet.

-Tuula, Finland