Baby blanket

Baby blanket

7810     Size appr.70 x 90 cm off-white 69.00 €

Tehty Suomessa. Made in Finland.

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Baby blanket, soft merino wool tricot, 3-layered, topmost layer decorated merino

Colour: off-white
Size approx. 70 x 90 cm

Air frequently - wash seldom - protect against moths
Wool is self-cleaning: it reacts with oxygen in the air and neutralizes skin excretions. Frequent airing reduces the need to wash your garment. Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water. Use Sonett washing liquid for wool and silk. You can also wash your wool garment with a hand-wash program at 30 °C in a washing machine. Stains disappear with Sonett gall soap. Shape the garment whilst damp. The garment shrinks a little in the first wash. Protect wool against moths and beetles. When not in daily use, store it in a sealed plastic bag.