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Ruskovilla Metsä products

Children: Ruskovilla Metsä products

Ruskovilla Metsä products

Studies show that exposure to rich biodiversity is connected to lower levels of autoimmune diseases such as allergy, asthma and type 1 diabetes. Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract contains microbial diversity from natural environments such as forests (metsä in Finnish).

As the first company in the world Ruskovilla has managed to to add Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract to its clothes and accessories. For children we make undershirts and tube scarfs out of organic silk wool.


Ruskovilla Silk wool Metsä undershirt with Re-Connecting Nature

Metsä: Children's undershirt

from 69.50 €


Children's sleeveless Metsä undershirt contains Re-Connecting Nature®  microbe extract

Metsä: Children's sleeveless top

from 49.50 €


Children's Metsä tube scarf contains Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract

Metsä: Children's tube scarf

35.00 €