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Baby shirt     Tehty Suomessa. Made in Finland.

46.00 € 36.80 €

100 % natural silk

Baby shirt 100 % natural silk. Neckline that eases dressing

Color: off-white
Sizes: 60 and 70 cm.

Colour: off-white

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No washing required before first use
Long-term storage in the original sealable plastic bag (wash before storage)
Silk likes airing but a dirty garment shouldn’t be left unwashed for a long time
Wash preferably by hand or by using the 30 Celsius degree hand wash program using a biodegradable washing detergent
We recommend the Sonett wool and silk washing liquid for washing and Sonett gall soap for stain removal
Smooth into shape when wet
No not let dry in direct sunlight or near a heating device

Our GOTS certified organic silk comes from a silk farm in the Sichuan province in Central China
The silk used is long filament silk and of significantly higher quality compared to industrial silk
Silk keeps you cool when warm and warm up in the cold weather and can be used year-around
Silk can absorb moisture without feeling wet
Silk’s light and breathable protein fiber structure is similar to human skin and therefore feels extremely comfortable to wear
Due to its smooth structure silk is well-suited for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin and therefore unable to wear other materials
At the end of its lifecycle 100% silk returns back to nature

Silkintuotanto on käsityövaltaista, katso työvaiheet tarkemmin Käyttämämme luonnonkuidut -osiosta
Vaatteet ompelevat ja pakkaavat käsityönä Ruskovillan omat ammattilaiset Artjärvellä
Tuotetta ei viimeistellä ihmisille ja luonnolle haitallisilla suoja-aineilla
Ylijäävät silkkitilkut ovat osa ekologista tuotantoamme: ne revitään ja kehrätään yhdessä lampaanvillan kanssa käsityölangoiksi

All our products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy, and we utilize renewable geothermal heat in keeping our manufacturing, storage and production facilities warm