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Sonett washing liquid for wool and silk

Sonett washing liquid for wool and silk

10.00 EUR

Sonett quickly biodegradable washing liquid for wool and silk.

Three sizes: 120, 500 and 1 000ml. Fragrance-free and conditioning olive and rapeseed oil based washing liquid for hand and machine washing up to 40 Celsius degrees. Dosage: 60ml/4,5kg of dry laundry. 100% biodegradable. Highly recommended especially for products that need frequent washing such as woolen diaper pants.

The right wash and care make clothes and accessories last longer. Due to the fat in olive oil the protein-based fibers such as silk and wool better maintain their elasticity. Choose a washing detergent best suited for a specific fiber.

Made in Germany.

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Ingredients: soap made of organic olive and rapeseed oils, sugar surfactants, ethanol, water

The product is made by our trusted partner in Germany
The products are stored and shipped from Artjärvi Finland