Millet husk pillow

Millet husk pillow

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Tehty Suomessa. Made in Finland.

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Millet husk pillow, cover material 100 % dense organic cotton cloth, off-white, filling millet husks from ecologically sound farms.

Forms the most suitable shape to support the sleeper. Small bowl-shaped husk filling is fluffy and cool. Air circulates inside it and keeps a pillow comfortable all night.

Babies 25 x 35 cm,
Children 35 x 45 cm,
Adults 45 x 55 cm
* Use covered with a pillowcase.
* When the cotton cover needs washing, open the fastener and shake the husks out into a suitable container.
* Wash the cover in a washing machine (40-60 °C).
* Refill the clean cover with the husks.
* The husks don't need to be washed as they don't accumulate moisture or odours.
* The millet husks should be replaced with new ones in around every 3-5 years.
* You can acquire new husks from Ruskovilla.