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Hemp duvet


Hemp duvet

265.00 €

Hemp duvet for adults to be used year-around.

Size 150 x 205cm. Filling 70% bio hemp and 30% organic cotton (435g/m2). Cover 100% organic cotton. Comes from our partner in Austria in a plastic tote bag.

Hemp is the warmest plant-based fiber that grows on very little water and without pesticides. Vegan-friendly.

This product is only shipped within European Union.

Colour: off-white

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Regular soft brushing and airing for care

For dust mite eviction: one hour in a 60 Celsius degree sauna or 24 hours in -20 Celsius degrees

Can be machine-washed with a wool program at 30 Celsius degrees

We recommend the Sonett gall soap for stain removal

Rub the gall soap on any stains, leave it be for a moment and then carefully rinse under running water

The filling is 70% certified bio hemp and 30% certified organic cotton

Hemp is nature’s warmest plant-based fiber

Growing hemp is ecological: it doesn’t require pesticides, the plans need little watering and yield is high

The comforter is vegan-friendly

At the end of their lifecycle 100% help and 100% cotton return back to nature

The product is made by our trusted partner in Austria

The products are stored and shipped from Artjärvi Finland