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12.00 €

Additional warmth with wool insoles.

Purchased according to shoe size. Can be cut with scissors to fit the shape of the shoe. Can be water washed in 40 Celsius degrees.

Sole 100% wool, bottom jute covered with natural rubber.

Made in Norway.

Colour: off-white

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No washing is required before first use

Wool neutralizes odors and often airing is enough to keep wool clothes fresh

Summer storage in the original sealable plastic bag (wash before storage)

Wash by hand or by using the 30 Celsius degree hand or wool wash program using a biodegradable wool washing detergent

We recommend the Sonett wool and silk washing liquid for washing and Sonett gall soap for stain removal

All wool items should occasionally be treated with the Sonett wool conditioner to protect the clothes from premature wore-out as well as to maintain wool’s softness and absorbing capacity

Smooth into shape when wet

Wool slightly shrinks in the first wash and this has been taken into consideration in the sizing

Wool becomes slightly softer in the first wash which adds to comfort

Insoles 100% wool

Bottom reinforced jute with natural rubber to keep the insole in place

Can be cut into right shape with scissors

The product is made by our trusted partner in Norway

The products are stored and shipped from Artjärvi Finland