Silk Wool

70 % Organic Merino Wool
30 % Organic Silk

a lovely combination of the softest merino wool and smooth and nurturing real silk
feels good on the skin
warms just enough
comfortably thin
breathes freely and does not make you sweat
airing helps to remove odours and extends washing intervals.

The silk wool yarn consists of merino wool and Chinese silk, and it is spun by a german spinnery. The silk wool is knitted in Finland and finished off washing with soap flakes.
Silk wool is wonderful for the whole family

30/70 silk wool has the wonderful warmth of wool and the sweet softness of silk. Soft merino wool and pure natural silk operate as a combination for summer and winter for baby,  child and adult. As a material, silk wool is thin, soft and elastic, giving the skin a wonderful feeling of warmth. Silk wool helps you feel good. Silk wool clothes are best suited under your everyday clothing as well at home as outdoors.
We do not recommend silk wool outfits for the actual sweat exercise, because the intense sweating, combined with mechanical stress can easily cause premature felting of the garment.